Assets Management

Asset Management

The management of assets within any life science business is a complex business with many conflicting requirements, the obvious ones being cost management, compliance and safety. We have the processes and industry expertise to help you with this systemic problem – effectively balancing user requirements, regulatory requirements, safety, capital budgets and operating cost targets.

Setting sail from the safe haven of over specification.

In order to achieve a healthy balance between the demands of a regulated industry and the need to reduce costs, we have developed an approach to asset management that:

  • Takes account of problems unique to the Life Science Sector
  • Does not assume a homogeneous preconditioned workforce i.e. Japanese Style TPM.
  • Expects most plants to have inadequate data collection systems in place to effectively diagnose and evaluate problems.
  • Reduces cost and increases reliability simultaneously.

Recent assignments have focused on the following areas:

  • Preventative and predictive maintenance systems.
  • Optimising plant effectiveness.
  • Planned maintenance.
  • Reliability centred maintenance.
  • Reliability driven cost reduction.
  • New plant and facilities design support.
  • Optimising shut down intervals.