Life Science Associates


Life Science Associates is committed to delivering innovation. We collaborate with our clients to help them improve.

Our successes have all been founded on the experience and skills of our associates, who uniquely pair knowledge with strong execution capabilities to help clients identify new opportunities, remove barriers to progress, improve processes and deliver high performance.

Quality By Design

The concept of model-based drug development, in which pharmaco-statistical models of drug efficacy and safety are developed from preclinical and available clinical data, offers an important approach to improving product and process development knowledge management and decision making. The life sciences sector is only now beginning to understand how the adoption of this new paradigm can have significant benefits for their businesses. LSA can help you move from conceptual understanding to hands-on practical implementation.
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Organisational Design and Strategy

Organisations are composed of many interrelated people. Releasing the potential of people and enabling them to manage autonomously their daily problems is the way to provide organisations with the flexibility they need to effectively manage increasing levels of organisational complexity. We help our clients simplify this complexity without being simplistic.

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Operations & Logistics

The experience of Life Science Associates suggests that many companies in the life science sector have a significant level of unrealised potential within operations and logistics. Low plant and equipment utilization rates and high levels of product and process waste provide significant opportunities for management to improve the ability of their businesses, departments and plants to generate improved added value for their businesses. We have been able to provide our partners with additional insight, perspectives, resources and skills to help them identify and define problems that are compromising their value proposition, and, more importantly, help them execute practical solutions.
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Asset Management

We understand that managing your assets in order to maximise your ability to create value is a complex business. We can help you not only reduce the cost of your Asset Management System but at the same time improve the reliability of your plant. We have developed a good track record implementing Reliability Centred Maintenance in life science companies.

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