Operations and Logistics

Operations and Logistics

Our definition of operations includes product and process design, manufacturing, sales, distribution, supply chain management and the back office.

Our starting point for an assignment always begins with a problem.

Once we understand the problem we develop a process to resolve the problem. We have expertise in all the core disciplines of operational excellence; in fact our roots go all the way back to the development of the lean six sigma processes for Johnson and Johnson in 1999. We do not however believe in a tool driven approach to improving operations.

Problems can have many causes.

We recognise that most problems do not have one cause. Most operational problems are in fact systemic.

"For every one individual hacking at the roots of evil there are thousands hacking at the leaves"
– Henry David Thoreau

Our key areas of expertise are in the following areas:

  • Implementing Operational Excellence – Lean Six Sigma
  • Complex problem solving – when the biggest problem is defining what the problem is.
  • Systems Thinking
  • Business rescue – plant turn around.
  • Productivity improvement and cost reduction
  • Cycle time compression
  • Quality improvement and trouble-shooting – implementation and rejuvenation of CAPA processes.
  • QA -Eliminating waste as a result of unthinking-compliance.
  • High-performance laboratories