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At LSA we are proud of the work we do and what we accomplish. Read what our clients think below...

"Our Centre at the University of Newcastle has enjoyed a long and productive association with the LSA team relating to research and training in Quality by Design for the biopharmaceutical sector. They have been critical to developing our shared vision for delivering in-depth practical training tailored to support the needs of industry. Our partnership blends the unique mathematical and chemical engineering capabilities of the University with the specialist management consulting skills of LSA to deliver value to the UK biopharmaceutical sector."

Dr Gavin Clark, Industrial Liaison Director
Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre, University of Newcastle.

"The LSA guys do not flatter to deceive, they have a no bs approach to business. I have worked with these guys over a period of 6 years on projects ranging from lean laboratories, operational excellence, advanced statistics and product design. They are good guys to have on your side."

Dr Greg Padden-Jones R and D Director Zymes

"LSA have been working with Lonza for 6 years now. During this time they have provided significant support in our continuing search for higher performance. They have partnered with us on a diverse range of improvement projects in the areas of - Strategy, Business Unit Performance Improvement, Research and Development, Product Management, Technology Transfer, Organisational Design, Facilities Design, Quality By Design and Asset Management. LSA's track record at Lonza is excellent and a fitting testament to the effectiveness of their value based consulting model. The level of rigour applied to understand our challenges is in my opinion unique and aligned to their approach to design an appropriate process to solve the challenge rather than push a pre-packaged "fashionable" approach. The LSA team are not to be confused with “typical” consultants. They genuinely have executive business experience and participate as a team member during engagements and are not averse to stating the often uncomfortable realities of a situation."

Gordon Bates – Head Of Operations And Site Manager Lonza Biologics
(formerly Corporate Head Of Operational Excellence)

"We have worked with the LSA team for nearly a decade now. Initially they supported the deployment of our Process Excellence Programme, before working with us on developing a process to incorporate design excellence principles in the construction of our sterile facility and more recently have provided excellent support with the implementation of lean manufacturing methodologies on site. . We find their approach to consulting very flexible and insightful in helping us understand how we can improve our business. Unlike other service providers who offer standard methodologies and training packages, it is their approach to understanding the business first, before advising on the way forward that continues to bring value to this organisation ."

Liam Butler - Director of Manufacturing
Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd

"Tom Svantesson(LSA Scandinavia) has worked with Novo Nordisk over a period of 3 years now. With LSA-Scandinavia’s help we have conducted a comprehensive review of our Asset Management System and made a number of significant changes that have significantly improved our effectiveness – we have reduced our maintenance costs by 30%, without compromising the reliability and availability of our plant. With LSA Scandinavia’s help we have been able to successfully combine elements of Japanese Style Total Productive Maintenance with Reliability Centred Maintenance in a manner that has made allowances for the unique technical and cultural requirements of a pharmaceutical company operating in a highly regulated environment in Denmark. I would recommend LSA –Scandinavia as a reliable and thoughtful partner and coach to anyone in the Pharmaceutical/ Life Science Sector who wants to improve the effectiveness of their Asset Management System. "

Tue Hodal - Head Of Technical Operations
Novo Nordisk A/S Bagsværd

"We have worked successfully with LSA over a period of 2 years. They have supported me in the following areas - organisational and business process design; systems thinking and project management. With the help of LSA’s Generic Design methodology, a complex organisational problem, relating to Product Management, was successfully analysed and a clear and effective plan of action was developed and successfully executed. In hindsight, I now realise that LSA really helped us all to see our problem; it’s axiomatic that if you don’t know what the problem is, you will never resolve it! Once we had a shared agreement about just exactly what the problem really looked and felt like, the finger pointing and the arguments dissipated and we were able to move very quickly to the action phase - Work processes were mapped and remodelled, roles were modified and management controls were defined and implemented. The new organisational design was subsequently reviewed by a global task force and adopted by all of our business units. LSA specialise in helping you to design solutions for complex problems – their consulting approach was very effective and we would have no hesitation in following a similar approach when faced with the need to resolve complex design problems in the future."

Dr. Andy Evans - Senior Director, Business Development
Dr Reddy's Labs SA