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Our Business Philosophy

There is a growing realisation among many managers that management consulting models that have been built with a myopic focus on the latest management fad or tool set compromise their ability to see problems systemically. We understand this point very well. Our consulting approach is based on a value based business model:

  • Relationships with the client should be based on a partnership that should produce a clear diagnosis of the problem that needs to be addressed.
  • The client must be in a position to develop and implement practical solutions with the assistance of consultants who have deep and relevant skills.
  • Problems and solutions must be understood within the context of the system that they are contained in.
  • The realized value of the projects commissioned should exceed the investment in the consultant’s services.
  • Consultancies should be prepared to price their services based on realized value.
  • Client partnerships should be built on a strong code of ethics and integrity; this should be unimpeachable on both sides.

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